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Fetish Fashion party 2011 | Copenhagen

Just home from a lovely weekend in Copenhagen where we attended the 2011 edition of Fetish Fashion. Went down by car from Gothenburg and arrived at our hotel smack in the middle of Copenhagen at around 12.00. After leaving our stuff at the rooms we went out for a few things that Copenhagen does very very well… food and beers. Before leaving for a pre-party at 3XL we gathered a quite large crowd outside and inside of the reception. Obviously 3 people dressed in full latex is not that a common sight in Copenhagen either. Arriving at the pre-party we met a lot of new very nice people and had time to brush up on some needed understanding of Danish and even a few German words. A few drinks and beers later it was time for a group photo and then off we were!

After riding yet another Taxi ride we arrived at the party and spent about an hour greeting and meeting, beers and generaly fun times. Did not spend loads of time in the dance/show area because of chosen evening wear but did have (at least we think so) as much fun browsing the place talking and having fun with a lot of people we sadly not get to met all that often.

The party was great and it was nice that the “heat issue” from last years edition had somewhat been solved. Still miss the high tables and chairs… sofas are super… unless you are in full latex and strict corset 😛

Below are some photo proof of said events.

 photocrati gallery

  • RbrBoi on 2011/09/04

    Looks like you both had a good time! Where on earth did you find the gasmask / gauntlet / posture collar stuff, as I think I’ve just found part of my next outfit!


    • a_thing_for_rubber on 2011/09/04

      Thanks, we had a great time :)

      The gasmask was bought @Boutique Bizarre in Hamburg (http://www.boutique-bizarre.de/). The Imperial gauntlets/posture collar we made our selves and can be obtained through Abstinence Latex (www.abstinence.se). They are not online so you will have to write and make a “custom order” by sendeing a message to info@abstinence.se if you are intrested :)

  • Lars Hov on 2011/11/08

    Very good web side and info. Please can you help; is there any fetish party in Copenhagen as you know of, before christmas?

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